SAUSAGE, Dir. Robert Grieves
New Shorts


13:00 Sat 11 Jan 2014

BFI Southbank BFI, NFT3

A comedy selection in association with the British Film Institute’s Future Film for younger audiences. This selection hits us right in the funny bone with viral gems Cool Unicorn Bruv and The Runner (hilariously filmed guerrilla style on the set of Call The Midwife and featuring Miranda Hart). Plus the bad Santa Christmas comedy Anthony written by TV comedian Tim Key.

Following the screening, we will be joined by a panel of filmmakers, writers and a representative from LoCo comedy film festival to discuss on-line distribution of comedy in short film: Loco Film Festival and Future Film Present: Finding Your Audience (tickets £2)

90 mins.

BFI Southbank

Belvedere Rd, South Bank
Adult £12.50 / Concessions £11.25 / 25 & Under £3


Please find all access information here, or drop a line to Helen MacKenzie at for more information or special requests.


    Jonathan Van Tulleken 18 mins (UK, 2013)

    Christmas Eve. An enormous explosion tears through Lapland. Santa and his elf, Anthony, have crash-landed in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night...

    Ben Mallaby 8 mins (UK, 2013)

    The Dukinson brothers have finally beaten their arch rivals, but the Krullmuller sisters are out for blood and revenge is a dish best served underarm. Battlecock!

    Jamie Sims 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    Life's a beach but there's nothing on...

    Marcos Villasenor 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    A girl with a green heart is desperately looking for a bin to properly dispose of the all-natural drink she's just finished. However, the cynic, big-mouthed bottle has different plans...

    Ninian Doff 2 mins (UK, 2013)

    A gritty story set on the streets of East London... oh and a unicorn

    Sam Baron 5 mins (UK, 2013)

    Two medieval soldiers turn up to the wrong field on the morning of a Great Battle.

    Jonathan Hopkins 5 mins (UK, 2013)

    The Colosseum, ancient Rome. Enormous, armour-clad gladiators eagerly await their turn to fight and die an honorable death in front of a bloodthirsty crowd. Except for Minimus, the weediest gladiator in history. Ill equipped for combat, Minimus is freaking out big time. But can he overcome his fear and meet a hero's end?

    Laurence Relton 12 mins (UK, 2013)

    REEL LIFE - a romcom where boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love... only for girl to discover that boy’s life is edited like a movie: a world trimmed of banalities, boring bits and bathroom breaks and punctuated by useful jump cuts, timesaving musical montages and exciting star cameos. But, can REAL love ever work in REEL life?

    Michael O'Kelly 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    A three minute comedy shot in stolen lunch times by the runner on 'Call the Midwife.' An ambitious runner is abused by the famous actors whilst trying to remain positive.

    Robert Grieves 8 mins (UK, 2013)

    This retro animation employs boundless humour to explore issues of food ethics. The idyllic market square of two artisan stallholders is invaded by a fastfood vendor. What methods must our heroes invent to battle for their livelihoods? One truly original idea unites them, with a highly suggestive winning blow.

    Stephen Leslie 20 mins (UK, 2013)

    Colin and David get in to an argument, Colin accuses David of spreading the lie that he's been sleeping with his wife, Mary. David says he's not lying and Colin needs to face the truth. When they can't settle their spat with words Colin challenges David to a duel, with pistols. David reluctantly accepts. Things get messy.

    Matthias Hoegg 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    A short story about how much we know - or want to know - about the lives of our next door neighbors in urban flats. An inexplicable sound from the flat above leaves Jeff sleepless and anxious to find out the truth about what's really going on upstairs.