BUOY, Dir. David Higgs
New Shorts


21:00 Tue 14 Jan 2014

Riverside Studios Riverside Studios

The 21st century sees a lot of lonely men out there, growing old without friends or family, whether by choice or by accident. Our lonely men could be up in space as in Pantheon, or at the end of the world as in Mr Torquay’s Holiday, or just going about daily life without personal interactions. Maybe they want to be left alone for personal reasons because of a secretive job as in Mr Invisible. We meet all kinds of men in this powerful selection.

103 mins

Riverside Studios

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  • BUOY

    David Higgs 11 mins (UK, 2013)

    As NASA's Curiosity descends towards the surface of Mars, back on Earth, a stranger sits on an empty beach.

    Charlie Taylor 4 mins (UK, 2013)

    Daisy is a no budget film showing the story of a closeted struggling cross dresser.

    Poppie Skold 20 mins (UK, 2013)

    Every day the same. Day after day. Slowly things start to shift. And suddenly everything has changed. Envoi is a haunting film about loneliness and the lives that play themselves out behind closed doors. A quiet film, full of feeling, Envoi is the second installment in the Three Films project, a trilogy of short films set in London. Film work by Poppie Sköld. Written by Ben Webb. Starring Samuel Collings.

    Michael Crumley 17 mins (UK, 2013)

    Mark Bode is a secretive, obsessive collector, who begins his greatest collection when 13 year old Hannah moves in to the flat opposite his own.

    Greg Ash 13 mins (UK, 2013)

    An old man seems invisible to the world around him, until a journey to London proves his invisibility is actually his greatest strength.

    Aaron Trinder 13 mins (UK, 2013)

    An anxious, agoraphobic man, who has withdrawn from a world he finds frightening and dangerous, has retreated to the safety of his flat, where he has become addicted to an online, epic computer game. But dramatic unfolding events in the outside world mean his solitary existence is about to be turned upside down...

    Pilar Seijo 3 mins (UK, 2013)

    An astronaut experiences the effects of isolation whilst exploring a foreign, desolate world.

    Richard Sanz 4 mins (UK, 2012)

    A short journey through a forest to see a revolving tower while. May contain geometric patterns. Music by Kinlaw.

    Frederick Lloyd 18 mins (UK, 2013)

    Whilst working aboard a satellite orbiting earth, A cataclysmic incident leaves an Astronaut stranded in space, isolated, alone and fighting for his life. In his darkest hours he discovers himself and the importance of the love he left behind.