New Shorts


18:45 Mon 12 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Screen 3

Experience a powerful programme of drama with a selection of films that zone in on the sometimes difficult roles and the fraught relationships of the women in the family. Watch out for Rosie Day and Kate Dickie in SOROR, and the cinematography of Robbie Ryan in SOPHIE AT THE RACES.

(102 min)


    Louis Lagayette 17 mins (, 2014)

    Jennifer is a teenage mother living in Liverpool with her son Tommy. The young boy has leukemia, and Jennifer tries to make sure he gets the proper treatment while she fights to keep her job. They struggle to survive, but receive the help of Rebecca, a social worker from Toxteth, who quickly realises that Jennifer and Tommy are hiding something.

    Tasos Giapoutzis 12 mins (, 2014)

    A young South Asian woman lives in London with her husband and in-laws. Being miles away from her own family, in an alien city, she is forced to undergo sex-selective abortion against her will. The film becomes a psychological portrait of hers, while she has to deal with personal fears, long-standing cultural norms as well as other people's desires.

    Jonas Bak 9 mins (UK, 2014)

    "My Brave Young Man” is a film about a little boy who discovers the boundaries of his imaginary world. A seemingly ordinary quest for a new toy takes a different turn when we discover what that toy actually means to him.

    Glyn Davies 7 mins (, 2014)

    After two years of traveling, twenty-something Sam returns home to his drunk alcoholic mother, who doesn’t even notice him walk through the door. When Sam threatens to call the hospital she reveals a shocking truth from the past about his father, whom he never even met. Sam dismisses his mother as insane, but a flashback reveals the exact opposite.

    Riyadh Haque, Daniel Hawkins & John McGinty 3 mins (, 2014)

    In another life, Alice would have everything. At least she has Sylvia. However, something is not right. In a cruel role-play, Alice is truly a waster on a self-destructive drug tour, ripping the small fabric of life she has left. The sinner double takes and Sylvia is gone. With little to gain, Alice takes one last hit. One last exhale

    Andy Taylor Smith 14 mins (, 2014)

    Gail is a recovering heroin addict who has been allowed supervised visits with her son. Time apart has made their relationship fragile and detached. Plunged into a difficult and uncomfortable role the presence of the social worker obligates Gail to make an effort. Can Gail find the strength to move beyond her difficult past and find a way forward for both her and her son.

    Alan Friel 17 mins (, 2014)

    On a late night bus, nine year-old Sophie and her mother wake to find they have missed their connection. Alone in the night in a strange town, the pair make their way to meet Sophie's father John, a stranger whom she has never known. Dawn brings the promise of a happy family, John arrives, they speed away for a day at 'the races'. Sophie comes closer to her dream of a happy family but as the day wears on, light once again gives way to darkness. With first her father, and then her mother revealed as not what they seem, Sophie must make a long journey to another hopeful dawn.

    James Webber 23 mins (, 2014)

    Soror is an urban drama exploring the lives and relationships of two half-sisters; Grace, insular and shy; and Lisa, who dreams of escaping the confines of their upbringing. The close relationship they share is the most important part of their lives but as they come to terms with their past, they look to a future that will take them in separate directions.