DAEDALEUM, Steven Horner
New Shorts

NEW SHORTS: Night of the Living Docs

19:30 Mon 12 Jan 2015

Hackney Picturehouse, Hackney Attic

ickets: £10 (for both programmes)

Fill your boots with the legendary LSFF double whammy of back-to-back documentary programmes, the most satisfying way to feed that non-fiction predilection. This year, observe the humans, close up.


You can learn a lot about a person from the way they spend their time. Whether it’s a hobby, a job, a passion that defines your life, or just that special something that you take a little extra care over, sometimes what we do is what we are. These top-notch short docs ponder our pastimes, our preoccupations, our leisure activities and our lifestyles. [76 mins]

From difficult family ties to comfort in colleagues, from romantic endeavours to animal friends, this varied selection of personal stories, portraits, investigations and contemplations all have relationships at their heart. [74 mins]

(76 + 74 min)


    Ruth Grimberg 13 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} John is at a critical point in his life as he must come to terms with the devastating loss of his sight from the incurable condition Retinitis Pigmentosa. Guided by his young friend Ben he seeks respite and solace in his love of night fishing. This is a subtle and gently paced exploration of a journey requiring real patience and fortitude evoked in scenes of a night fishing trip and encounters with others who urge him to take the next vital steps in accepting his condition to ensure his independence and safety.

    Rosie Reed Hillman 14 mins (UK, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} Morag is nearly 86. She lives alone in a house at the end of a track looking out to sea on the Outer Hebrides. She was born in this house, life is simple and peaceful. This is a portrait of a woman as she contemplates the next chapter in her life; Morag shares her unique sense of independence, attitude to mortality and the connection she has to her wild, island home.

    Steven Horner 9 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} A filmmaker, struggling with a fragmented mind and memories of his deceased father, is prompted to return home. At 34,000 feet he identifies with Jimmy Stewart. After a 30-year absence, he touches down – already calmer – to confront his past. This personal essay is an experimental work attempting to find visual form to represent states of mind and communicate feeling.
  • FOOD

    Siqi Song 3 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} This animated documentary brings attention to food, the way we see it, the way we eat it and the way we think about it. Ranging from vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians to some seriously dedicated carnivores, the conversation offers the perspectives of a wide variety of eaters from around the world. By pairing the real interviews with stop-motion animation, the foods speak for themselves.

    Gemma Green-Hope 2 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} My grandmother Elizabeth (or Gan-Gan as I called her) was a force of nature; she was wonderful. Her tiny terraced house in Bideford was full of treasures, and diaries full of stories from a hard life well-lived. After her death in 2010, I used some of her possessions alongside objects, images and memories of my own to make this short animation, which I dedicate to her memory.

    Zak Razvi 5 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} JORDANNE portrays the story of 22-year-old Paralympic tennis player, Jordanne Whiley.Filmed in her hometown of Halesowen, Jordanne narrates her journey so far, giving an insight into her childhood and achievements as she attempts to create history by becoming the first British athlete to win all four major grand slams in the same calendar year.

    Jessica Sarah Rinland 3 mins (UK, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} 80-­‐year-­‐old Saul has lived in London all his life. For the past 20 years he's spent his spare time climbing trees in Hampstead Heath.

    James Varley 15 mins (UK, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} In December 2012 we came upon a box with an inscription that simply read “Films”. It was the work of a man named Richard Enstone. Within the footage were diary entries, newspaper clippings and records of the daily events in his life. Amongst the logs there are dark and paranoid thoughts. Why leave such an intricate account of ones life?

    John Dower 8 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} "More men have walked on the moon than have played the official Ronald McDonald mascot.Since his creation in 1963 only eight men have had the honour, privilege and responsibility of being the clown. Joe Maggard is the longest serving member of this elite fraternity. Joe, now living in suburban Las Vegas, tells us the story of being Ronald.

    Anastasia Kirillova 16 mins (UK, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION}In this cinematic ode to the Trans-Siberian railway, the train staff seem unable to live without the hypnotic beats and rattle of the train. This is where they ultimately feel at home, despite the constant motion. “SLEEPERS' BEAT” is a hymn to the train, that the workers consider to be a living being.

    Genevieve Bicknell 17 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} I belong to a family that I’m not sure I want to belong to. We have a crest that we emblazon on t-shirts, we write genealogical books about ourselves, and every year we compete in a fancy-dress golf tournament. This is a film about love, control and how families shape us, even those of us who thought ourselves safe.

    Florence Kennard 6 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} A magical window into a world of miniature wooden carved animals. Frank Whittington (1876 – 1973) was a local village toy maker who lived and worked in a small studio in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. He is still remembered by the village residents and his charmingly carved menageries continue to bring joy to generations of local people, who collect and cherish his toys.

    Guy Bolongaro 3 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} A mini portrait of Maureen, an east end mum who has spent her life caring for others. Children, step children, foster children, parents, friends, husbands, monkeys, owls, ferrets, dogs, parrots, budgies. If it needed looking after then she looked after it.

    Leo Bruges & Marcin Knyziak 12 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: IN RELATION} Agata is a modern, blind woman. Her boyfriend Matt wants to introduce Agata to his family, 3,000 miles away. In the days leading up to the trip, Agata ponders what it means to be in a relationship. How can you be sure of your loved one when you’ve never even seen him?

    Jenny Holt 11 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} The Pennine moorlands which overshadow the post-industrial towns of the North of England define the character of this area of Britain. This landscape created the foundation for industry to develop, then provided a means of escape for generations of workers on a Sunday. But to the families of former migrant workers drawn to the region by its once dominant textiles trade, these hills remain an un-travelled-to backdrop to urban existence. 'Uplands' explores the Northern English landscape through the eyes of a Muslim man born in Bradford, of Pakistani heritage, and part of a small trend beginning to redress this balance - reimagining the uplands through an Asian sensibility and reconsidering it as a landscape of home.

    Matt Hopkins 10 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} Visions of Albion is an observational exploration into how we present ourselves as a nation to visiting guests. What are their perceptions of our country, and is this a far cry from the reality of modern day Britain? Following a group of Chinese visitors on their trusty tour bus, we view Britain from their perspective, discovering the sights, culture and history that defines Britishness in the minds of international tourists.

    Martin Pickles 3 mins (, 2014)

    {PROGRAMME: HUMAN BEINGS: AT WORK AND PLAY} Veteran British animator Bob Godfrey (1921-2013) answers the question ""What Is Animation?"" His answer is by turns witty, iconoclastic and insightful and all the while is acted out by a tiny man in a bowler hat. This hand-drawn film is based upon an interview recorded by Martin Pickles at Bob’s Acme Studio in South East London.